Porous corrugated cardboard box

The corrugated cardboard box is the most commonly used package in industry worldwide, and it displays logistic and other product information from the production process through end consumption, including during the storage and distribution process. 


In the digital era, printing directly on the cardboard box or applying printed self-adhesive labels in real time offer clear advantages over traditional flexographic printing by reducing box inventory, providing greater flexibility in line format changes, decreasing the operational complexity of the coding process, and maximizing warehouse space, thereby generating significant cost savings.


APLINK Series High-resolution inkjet printers and APL Series Print & Apply equipment are the ideal tool for performing this work in a secure and reliable way.


High-resolution inkjet

Using 4th generation piezoelectric printhead technology, UBS APLINK Series high-resolution printers can print scannable barcodes, images, texts, and variable content with high contrast directly on any porous or non-porous substrate.


APLINK Series combines mineral-free oil-based ink technology and LED-cured UV ink technology to print on the various surfaces used for secondary and other types of packaging.


Equipped with an 10.1" touchscreen controller (APLINK LCX Series, 5.7" touchscreen) and software with an operator-friendly graphic interface, APLINK Series printers can be connected to the computer network via Ethernet connection using the TCP/IP protocol, or they can be used as stand-alone systems with the messages recorded in their 4GB of memory, providing capacity for up to 10,000 messages.

High-resolution inkjet

Print & Apply

Real-time automatic printing and application of labels eliminates  the errors caused by manual labeling and provides greater speed and accuracy, reducing operating costs in the production chain.


Thanks to their multiple application options, UBS APL Series Print & Apply  systems allow for on-the-fly, high-cadence labeling of all types of secondary packaging (front, rear, side, top, corner, and adjacent-side labeling).For end-of-line labeling of pallets, we  also  offer  the option to label pallets and half-pallets on 1, 2, or 3 sides, including stacked and/or variable height pallets.


Print & Apply

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