Automatic identification solutions for any production line

We offer coding and printing solutions for text, images, logos, symbols and all types of barcodes for products, boxes, sacks, trays, containers, packaging and/or pallets.


Our labeling, coding and marking equipment will help you improve traceability in your supply chain, improve productivity, efficiency, accuracy and reduce errors and costs.

Do you need to print directly on your products, boxes and/or packaging? APLINK equipment is the solution.

Do you prefer to label products, boxes and/or packaging? APL35s machines allow you to do so.

Automatic labeling of pallets on one, two or three sides? APL 8000 is what you are looking for.

Do you want to label stacked pallets? With APL 8000 ELV it is possible.

Coding primary products at high throughput rates? Meet our Thermal Inkjet, TJX.

Software for the management of labeling, coding, and marking equipment? It's possible thanks to UBS LabMan.



Want to know which equipment will best suit your needs?


Похожие продукты

UBS APLINK MRX72e High-Resolution Inkjet Printers are developed to print directly on any surface.


Автоматическое нанесение самоклеящейся этикетки на 1, 2 или 3 стороны паллеты, в режиме работы линии.

APL 8000 Series

Автоматическая система печати и нанесения этикеток, разработанная для удовлетворения самых высоких потребностей этикетирования в режиме работы линии.

APL35s и 35si

Автоматическое нанесение самоклеящейся этикетки на 1, 2 или 3 стороны разноуровневых или составных паллет, в режиме работы линии.

APL 8000 ELV

High-Resolution Grayscale Inkjet Printers, designed to improve coding performance on porous and non-porous surfaces.


Чистая технология для маркировки любой поверхности.

Серия TJX


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