Plastic containers

The coding and marking of plastic containers has undergone a revolution in recent times. Where before only ink with solvents could be used, laser technology has now made great strides and is a low-maintenance, environmentally friendly alternative that does not use consumables. However, the marking and coding of plastic containers is always a challenge for coding technologies, due to the complexity of the different material finishes.


For the wide variety of existing plastic container formats, UBS APL Series Print & Apply systems combine different application modes that adapt to the different shapes and sizes of the containers. Labeling pallets holding cylindrical plastic containers is no longer a problem, thanks to the specific design for cylindrical surfaces and the applicator set of APL 3500 DRM equipment.


TJX UV LED printers ensure sharp printing that dries instantly thanks to the ultraviolet technology.


Print & Apply

Real-time automatic printing and application of labels eliminates  the errors caused by manual labeling and provides greater speed and accuracy, reducing operating costs in the production chain.


Thanks to their multiple application options, UBS APL Series Print & Apply  systems allow for on-the-fly, high-cadence labeling of all types of secondary packaging (front, rear, side, top, corner, and adjacent-side labeling).For end-of-line labeling of pallets, we  also  offer  the option to label pallets and half-pallets on 1, 2, or 3 sides, including stacked and/or variable height pallets.


Print & Apply


Thermal Inkjet printers are specially designed for Inkjet Coding and Marking on primary packaging.


Unlike other technologies, the TJX Series does not require any maintenance. Each cartridge replacement equates to a new printhead.


The TJX Series was devised for direct printing on different substrates, both porous and non-porous, through HP 2.5 cartridge technology in combination with UBS’ range of water-based, solvent-based, and UV LED inks.


Units can reach printing speeds of up to 180 m/min and resolutions of up to 600 dpi.


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