Marking and Coding of Primary Product: TIJ

The identification of the product and primary packaging is a key element to guarantee a correct traceability in the supply chain.


Considering the trends in primary packaging in recent decades, where product clusters and packs prevail, the Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) technology represents the ideal solution to print on a variety of plastic substrates, shrink-wrapped substrates, extrusions and any porous surface and not porous.


The TJX Series printers, from United Barcode Systems, are specially designed to guarantee a clean print, high speeds, and more parts printed per minute.


TJX Series UVLED is developed for direct printing on different porous and non-porous substrates, thanks to its LED UV Curing System On-Board Security System®.


It stands out from other technologies and equipment due to its compact design, which is easily adaptable to any production line.


Thanks to our software UBS Designer, in communication with a handy and intuitive interface of the equipment, we can create and edit fixed or variable texts, formulas, logos, images, dates ...




Consumer Packaging
Consumer Packaging
Point-of-sale packaging
Stick Pack
Consumer packaging (Trays)
Treated metals
Vials and ampoules
Glass bottles
Aseptic packaging
Four-side sealed packets
Plastic containers
Stick Pack
PET bottles
Stick Pack
Spray Cans and Metal Containers
Consumer Packaging
Glass bottles and jars

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