Label Designer

UBS Label Library

Web application designed to store, organize, control and maintain label templates created with UBS Designer.



UBS Label Library is the label repository where the templates are stored in a SQL database.


What does the UBS label library offer?

    • Encrypted formats: security for sending formats. 
    • Centralized storage: formats and groups.
      • Format management: select revision, move group format or delete.
      • Group management: add new group, modify or delete.
    • User management: create user by assigning different permissions, modify or delete.
    • Supports multiple connections.
    • Access through web browser.
    • Avoid human errors.
    • Optimize the production process.

Where does the UBS label library run?

On premises
(client server)


  • Windows Server environment
  • Security (easy to perform Back Up)
  • High performance
  • Centralized resources
  • Easily scalable

How to manage formats and revisions?

    • A format can have several revisions.
    • A format can only have one active revision.
    • Each format update is a new revision.
    • The active format revision is the one that MRX controller and UBS Designer will download.
    • From the UBS Label Library you can assign/modify the active format revision.




UBS Designer

      • Upload formats to ULL
      • Download ULL formats
      • Multiple connections supported


MRX Controller

    • Download ULL formats

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      • UBS Labman, our management and control software for labeling, coding, and marking systems.


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