Pallet Print & Apply Systems

APL 8000 ELV Series

Unique Print & Apply System with gearmotor driven lifting system for automatic labeling on double stacked pallets or pallets with variable heights on 1, 2 or 3 sides in real time.


APL 8000 ELV Series

UBS APL 8000 ELV Series are designed to print and apply labels in real time on double stacked or with variable heights.


Thanks to the development of end-of-line equipments and different transportation options, various palletizing forms have appeared as a consequence of new logistic requirements:

        • Double stacked pallets
                  2 double stacked pallets, usually of 800x1.200mm or 1.000x1.2000mm.
      • Half Double stacked pallets
      •         2 sets of 2 half double stacked pallets (4 half pallets of 800x600mm or 1.000x600mm).
                3 sets of 3 half double stacked pallets (6 half pallets of 800x600mm or 1.000x600mm).
  • Pallets with variable heights

        Pallets with different heights.


Due to the complexity of this kind of palletizing, APL 8000 ELV Series are designed for those lines where GS1-128 pallet labeling in different heights is required, following the recommendations of GS1 International.


Thanks to its elevator system, it allows us to print and apply labels with variable data in real time automatically, from 800mm up to 2.400mm height, providing a perfect label positioning, high speed and a reliable application.


APL 8000 ELV is compatible with any OEM print engine in the market.

Controlled by a PLC, APL 8000 ELV Series can easily be adapted to any end-of-line using synchronization and guided alarm signals.


APL 8000 ELV Series are easy to install and integrate and offering a wide connectivity range to any IT or automatization system, through UBS LabMan Software, that allow to manage and transmit data to or from any ERP, MES, WMS or DBMS.


  • Gearmotor driven lifting system for automatic labeling on double stacked or pallets with variable heights
  • PLC interface for an efficient control of label applying sequence
  • 5,7" HMI Display 
  • Smart Tamp Pad
    • Label sensor
    • Label application sensor
    • Smart tamp, adaptable to any uneven surface
  • Barcode scanner (optional)
  • Connectivity to any ERP, MES, WMS, DBMS, etc.
  • GS1-128 symbology approved and recommended by GS1 international for pallet identification
  • Speed up to 138 stacked pallets/hour for 2 side labeling
  • High performance and reliability
  • High-speed data processor for standalone mode and great data storage capacity
  • Optional low media detector
  • Light and acoustic alarm beacon
  • Covered media storage. Optional Cooling System
  • Easy access to change the media
  • Height-configurable stand support
ZEBRA, SATO & others (4"/6" RH or LF)
From 206 up to 300 dpi
Max. diameter.: up to 300 mm / 11.8”
Max. Length: 600 m / 1.968 ft (depending on print engine specifi cations)
RS232, USB, Ethernet, Wireless (optional)
Touchscreen display 5,7"
Aprox. 850,8Kg
Width: 2789 mm /109.8” – Depth: 1405 mm / 55.3”
Height: 1230mm / 48.2”
110 / 220 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
From +4°C / 39.2 F up to 45°C / 113 F
From +4°C / 39.2 F up to 70°C / 158 F (Optional Cooling System)
Between 20-85% non-condensing

*Depending on the print engine specifications.
**Depending on the line speed and ERP System.

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