What ink do UBS equipment use? - All about Sustainable inks

Ecological, eco-solvent, vegetable inks... What is the difference, and which one does UBS use in its equipment? We explain it to you below....

What is a GTIN Code? - History, Types, and Uses

GTIN codes are found on 95% of products around us. Why not learn a little more about them?

Quick Guide to Software Systems: ERP, WMS, MES

Are you familiar with these acronyms, but never knew what they mean? UBS explains in detail what they are all about....

What are primary, secondary and tertiary packages and how to code them?

UBS presents a new guide on how to code all types of packaging that a product goes through from its production until it reaches the customer.

Drop On Demand: What is it and what are its advantages?

At UBS we make special use of DOD technology. Find out how we create the perfect print.

Coding Success: The importance of quality technical service

Our technical service is one of UBS's most valuable assets, in this article we explain you why.

Barcelona Packaging Hub - What advantages does UBS get as a partner?

Our joining the Barcelona Packaging Hub is driving packaging projects and much more. We tell you about it in this article.

What is the PPWR? Advantages and disadvantages of the new European proposal

A new study reveals the truth about the recyclable packaging proposed by the EU, find out the results in this ar

What are eco-labels and how to incorporate them on my products?

UBS explains what eco-labeling is, the types of eco-labels that currently exist and how to apply them to your product, container or packaging.

Why is it important to treat a wooden pallet?

Looking to treat wooden pallets, but don't know where to start or want to improve the current process? UBS shows you how.

How to label food products?

United Barcode Systems is a multinational company, so it is our obligation to be updated on the different regulations for labeling and coding in the different countries whe

Let's talk about sustainability in the coding industry

The packaging industry is one of the leading generators of waste worldwide, and growing concern about the environmental impact of this waste has led to an increase in deman

Trends in the use of barcodes | GS1 Digital Link

The GS1 Digital Link brings greater advantages than a conventional 2D code as it allows for a greater amount of information, flexibility in linked content,

How do we take coding to the next level?

How do we improve coding? We design and integrate the latest technologies to our coding and marking solutions, we improve integration, scalability and identification speeds

Three challenges for pallet labeling

The pallet label is the seal to the production process and the document containing a summary of the products shipped. Find out

Automate pallet labeling on my production line?

Pallet labeling is mandatory to ensure proper traceability. Automating the labeling process is the key to avoid delays and erro

History of UVLED curing technology in coding

UVLED printing has enabled industrial coding to evolve to identify non-porous materials in the most efficient way, increasing service life, reducing maintenance costs and s

How to save costs in the process of labeling, coding and marking products with UBS

How to reduce production costs with product identification and tracking? Being able to adapt the purchasing process and the production process to changes in demand is

Laser marker or inkjet printer, that's the question

Laser marking or thermal inkjet printers? It is a question that we must ask when we are about to choose a technology for coding and marking our products or packaging. Analy

Direct printing on boxes vs. automatic labeling

If you have a production line and need to identify your packaging, today we will show you the alternative that can help you to continue production and reduce your costs....

The Barcode History

Barcodes are part of our corporate identity, a key element in identification, logistics and traceability, and undoubtedly linked to the essence of United Barcode Systems. T

What UBS equipment do I need?

If you have come this far, we understand that you have a need for labeling, coding, or marking your products, boxes or pallets. You may need to identify them with the tradi

An ink for every packaging printing solution

UBS inks guarantee the best resolution and quality in packaging printing. Our team of chemical engineers has created the perfect mixtures for

Trends in the use of materials in the packaging sector

The packaging industry has undergone a transformation in recent years as a consequence of the upsurge in e-commerce, of the digitization of the supply chain to provide a re

Labeling of hazardous goods

Labeling is essential on any product, but even more so in the case of hazardous goods. Labels contain the necessary information to know how to handle them, which precaution

Labeling market trends for 2021

Demand for packaging and labelling solutions will continue to increase in the next few years. E-commerce, customisation, sus

Unpopular opinion: plastic is necessary

Plastic is an essential material in industrial activity. Due to its weight-strength-price ratio and its ability to protect and preserve product

The importance of labeling in the supply chain during the pandemic

Labels are a fundamental element for the proper functioning of the supply chain. UBS, specialist in labeling, coding and marking systems, have ada

Learn about the benefits of UBS LabMan labeling management software

Management software that can be integrated into any production line. Real-time data management. At UBS we developed our own labeling management so

UBS has been awarded with the CIEGE Seal of Excellent on business management

UBS, specialist in labeling, coding and marking, is one of the 47 companies that have obtained the prized accreditation this year.

Printing solution for products that undergo sterilization processes

UVLED technology is the most suitable for marking products that must undergo sterilization processes, as it provides instant

The best product coding proposals for the industrial sector

In previous articles we have reviewed the UBS coding, marking and labeling solutions for of agri-food and pharmaceutical products. 

The Advantages of printing using the UVLED Curing System

The use of the UVLED curing system has been a great improvement in inkjet printing systems. The advantages of low viscosity ink (which doe

UBS proposals for coding pharmaceuticals products

The marking, coding and labeling of pharmaceutical products has become a critical activity. The

The importance of pallet coding for the logistics sector

UBS, specialist in labeling, coding and marking, proposes customized and quality labeling to ensure that the product reaches it

What information can a label contain and what is it for?

The label is the identity card of each product on its journey through the supply chain. It is essential to ensure that it contains all the necessa

Print & Apply for case and pallet labeling

UBS equipment for case and pallets labeling meet the highest quality requirements and stand out for their ease of integration into any production

Consolidating the Intelligent Supply Chain

The intelligent supply chain is the result of the incorporation of continuously evolving technologies to optimize and automate

The most suitable printing methods for each material

The choice of packaging and the marking solution for its correct identification are fundamental decisions, since there is a mor

UBS marking solutions for the agri-food industry

All products in the supply chain require coding. UBS studies each case and proposes the most efficient solution for packaging in the agri-food ind

UBS Solutions for primary product marking and coding

Thermal Inkjet printers and water, solvent or UVLED based UBS inks are the best solution for coding and marking primary packaging.

Successful Supply Chain

Success stories and factors that affect the Intelligent Supply Chain. This is the process that the product follows from its “birth” to its delivery to the

Say Goodbye to fire Marking, Hello HR inkjet!

Code your pallets with our High Resolution Inkjet Direct Printing technology.

The future is written on the cardboard

Bioindustry is leading the transition process heading us to circular economy by transforming carton for packaging manufactu

Types of barcodes: The most commonly used

Barcode symbology is a kind of “universal language” for information representation, just like an alphabet.

Types of ink for Coding and Marking

The United Barcode Systems' laboratory has made a great effort to take ink technology to a new level in order to comply with the current regula

International regulation for Pallet labeling

The GS1 International Logistics Label Standard is a standardized guideline for information layout, design, and placement of labels.


REACH-CLP Regulation

REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals) is a regulation that seeks to guarantee a high level of protectio

Characteristics and construction of barcodes

Barcodes are symbols that can be scanned electronically using laser or camera-based systems.


They are used to encode information such as product numb

GS1 International Barcode Symbologies

A GTIN may be encoded in EAN/U.P.C., ITF-14, GS1-128, GS1 DataBar, and Data Matrix symbols as well as EPCs. The appropriate GTIN and barcode or EPC combination is determine

Cardboard boxes: Composition, requirements, uses, and printing

At present, more than 80% of products are packaged or wrapped in different types of cardboard boxes, ranging from paperboard to corrugated cardboard, constituting the mater

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